Best High End Home Theater Speakers Of Sony HT-A9


best high end home theater speakers , best sound system brands

We know Sony is the best sound system brands. Sony has a long history of producing popular soundbars, but their newest home theater option ditches the all-in-one Atmos speaker in favor of a multi-speaker system.


Four wireless speakers and a control box that links to your TV's HDMI connection are included in Sony's HT-A9 home theater system. The system uses a combination of high-pitched tweeters, psychoacoustic methods, and sound optimization to create 12 'phantom' speakers, which you can't see.

With Dolby Atmos and DTS: X content, this tries to create a dome of sound, making you feel like you're right in the middle of the action while viewing your favorite movies.

But how effective can a succession of fictitious speakers be? Before writing our comprehensive review, we spent some time getting to know the HT-A9 home entertainment system, and thus far, we enjoy what we've heard.

What is the design of the Sony HT-A9 Home Theater?


best high end home theater speakers , best sound system brands
Sony HT- A9 Home Theater

The best high end home theater speakers Sony HT-A9 system has four wireless speakers and a control box that connects to your TV's HDMI connection. There are two speakers on each side of the screen and two on the left and right behind you. The speakers, which have gray fabric grilles, may link wirelessly to each other and to the control box, but they must all be connected to a power outlet.

The great thing about this configuration is that the speakers don't have to be precisely the same height or even equidistant from one other; Sound Field Optimization technology will measure each speaker's location and adjust the sound to your space. As well as their position in regard to others. If you don't want to spend money on speaker supports and instead want to utilize a tall shelf for the rear left speaker and a coffee table for the rear right speaker, this is a good option.

Based on the demo we witnessed, the home theater setup looks to be rather straightforward. Simply click Start on your television after all of the best home theater speakers are in place, and Sound Field Optimization technology will take over, with each speaker emitting a sequence of beeps to identify its location in relation to the ceiling, your television, and each other. Your speakers, unlike other sound optimization systems, are unconcerned with the size of your space; instead, the system builds its own virtual dome of sound within the invisible restrictions you designate.

It just takes a minute, and you'll have a home theater system with four actual speakers and 12 phantom speakers, enabling you to use Sony's 360 immersive sound mapping technology. If your TV isn't properly centered between the front left and right speakers, you may alter this location as well. A Sony ht-a9 wireless speaker up close.

How To Setup Connectivity Home Theater Speakers?

 LAN, HDMI input, and HDMI output are just a few of the connections available on the control box that comes with the HT-A9 home theater (eARC with 4K pass-through).

Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2, Chromecast built-in, and Bluetooth with support for AAC, SBC, and Sony's LDAC codecs round out the wireless connection options. There's also DSEE Extreme compatibility, which we originally saw on the Sony WH-1000XM4; this technology improves compressed digital audio files in real-time, allowing you to hear more details on your favorite tunes.

The system works with Google Assistant and Alexa, and as long as you have a compatible smart speaker, you can control music playing and provide voice assistant orders hands-free.

Sony expects the HT-A9 to function better with Sony Bravia TVs because to its compatibility with Acoustic Center Sync, which ensures that what you hear and what you see on the screen are properly aligned.

What a sound performance of Sony Home Theater

best high end home theater speakers , best sound system brands

 While we didn't have much time with the Sony HT-A9 best high end home theater speakers system, we did get to hear it via a few Dolby Atmos demonstrations.


The first sight we saw was from a jungle. It seemed like birds were flying above, and rains were falling all around us, thanks to the array of phantom speakers and high-pitched tweeters. Thunder rumbled loudly and brassily, and the phantom subwoofer nearly appeared to rise off the earth under our feet - an astonishing feat given that there are only four real speakers in use here.

It never seemed like the sound was shifting from one speaker to another as it traveled across the soundstage; the result is far more natural than you would expect.

It was the same scenario we saw in a trailer for Unbroken, a 2014 World War II film. The jets flying above on the screen made us shake, and the explosions appeared to be coming at us from all directions. The low-flying aircraft on the screen was even more amazing, and the home theater system created the impression that they were truly soaring under our feet, at least acoustically.

Despite all of the activity, the language sounded clear, with numerous subtleties in the clicks and clacks of the plane's controls, which the characters on the screen switched on and off. Music sounds amazing as well, with superb clarity, rich tone, and strong bass, and you can add a real subwoofer if you want even more bass.

Overall, phantom speakers provide an incredible impression, and we don't say that lightly when it comes to 'virtual' surround sound solutions. While many are excellent, few are as captivating as this one, thanks to a seductive mix of high-pitched genuine tweeters that can bounce sound off the ceiling and back into your ears, as well as clever signal processing that lets you know. It gives the impression of being engulfed in a sound dome. That's why we trust the best sound system brands.

Price and Release Date for the Sony HT-A9 Home Theater


As you can expect, all of that audio equipment isn't inexpensive. The HT-A9 home theater system is priced at $ 1,799.99 / GBP 1,599 / AU $ 2,499 and is now available for pre-order in the United States and the United Kingdom. The availability of the game in Australia is yet to be determined.

Although you'll get many speakers and a control box for your money, it's more costly than the finest soundbar you can purchase in 2021, the Sonos Arc.