Watch YouTube Video on Apple Watch Using Watch Tube


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The world of technology is coming up with new discoveries every day to make the quality of life easier. Apple has always put itself above others in this discovery. Their new discovery is the Apple Watch Tube. YouTube videos can be viewed on the Apple Watch.


Apple Watch users can often keep the phone close and enjoy many benefits. Inside, a YouTube video viewing feature has been added. Recently an independent app developer has created an app called watch Tube with which you can watch videos directly on YouTube.

YouTube Video Showing Apple Watch using watch Tube

Watch tube is a new fancy apple watch application with which you can tune the video from your apple watch. Apple Watch has been designed keeping in mind the small form factor. These apps will work from WatchOS6 and later. You can download these apps from Apple's Apps Store and learn the rest of the features through the Test Flight program.


Now you can search for something from watch tube, watch videos, browse home feeds, check subscriptions, watch subscriptions, and like videos. The developer hopes to turn on the audio mode in the future so that the app can be used while the screen is off.


An interesting feature of this app is that you can easily create QR codes for videos. The watch tube app has four menus namely Home, Search, Library, and Setting.


You might be wondering if there are so many platforms for watching YouTube videos right now, why watch videos on the go? Your thinking is correct, maybe most people will avoid this technology, or one day the technology trend will forget it.


But the good thing is that it has been discovered. But from now on two results can be expected. Maybe people will forget it, otherwise, Apple will announce its support for YouTube streaming at WWDC 2023. If the latter of the two results happens here, then Apple will join the league of ups like the Tube Watch Flick Type keyboard, which Apple has been doing year after year.

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