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The importance of the kitchen in our daily life from making healthy food to serving is very important. Every member of the family should pay attention to the keep kitchen clean signs. Since the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in the world today, we have all been playing a vital role in protecting our families from bacteria, germs, and unhealthy environments. But it is very unfortunate if those bacteria and germs are born by kitchen us with our slight negligence. With Kitchen Cleaning Services we can expect a healthy kitchen.


Every part of the kitchen should be kept neatly clean after making delicious food in the kitchen. When preparing kitchen food we must keep the kitchen adjust fan turned on so that the heated air from the kitchen can escape and free the kitchen from the birth of bacteria. The kitchen needs to be free from stale food, greasy dishes, food scraps, dirty meat water and expired food preparation materials.


Not only do we have to clean our plates at the end of the meal, but we also have to clean the cooking pan, the serving spoon, and the microwave oven for heating the food according to the specific rules. You will find many different materials in the market for kitchen cleaning products. You need to buy them according to the proper quality and you have to follow the usage rules to clean the kitchen.

We may often leave the home kitchen to the housekeeper, do you think the housekeeper is good enough to clean our house or to clean your whole house?


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I am sharing my personal opinion with you, but I am not saying that you have to do it! I am not 100% satisfied with the work of my housekeeper even though he does a good job he still could not get my satisfaction because he is very weak at cleaning.


So I clean every part of my home and kitchen at least twice a week in a very nice way that would make even a robotic cleaner. You can do the work from time to time which is a great pleasure.

Kitchen cleaning services zones and spaces:

1. Sink and Dishwasher:

First and foremost, is there any dirty silverware or plates in the sink? It's time to scrape or start the dishwasher before cleaning the remainder of the kitchen. If we've been put to the test, perhaps what we'll find is clean tableware that's ready to keep (after drying it first, in your case).


Kitchen Cleaning Services , keep kitchen clean signs, kitchen cleaning products, Clorox kitchen cleaner , Lysol antibacterial kitchen cleaner

 Now that the sink is free, we can begin cleaning this often-overlooked part of the kitchen. It's time to take precautions if we don't normally scrub it completely with a sufficient disinfectant. Rub all of the joints, the drain grid, the faucet, and the surrounding surfaces as thoroughly as possible.


If we're going to use it for the rest of the cleaning frenzy, another alternative is to save it until the end, before the floor.

2. Table, Countertop, and other surfaces:

Kitchen Cleaning Services , keep kitchen clean signs, kitchen cleaning products, Clorox kitchen cleaner , Lysol antibacterial kitchen cleaner

KitchenCleaning Services We can usually use Clorox kitchen cleaner or Lysol antibacterial kitchen cleaner to clean tables, countertops, and other surfaces. Clean all flat surfaces next, from the counters to any potential tables, whether folding, bar or islands. You've theoretically cleared them, so all you have to do now is pick up the dirt, disinfect, rub, and dry them.


If you have ornamental or everyday-use items on top, such as pots or jars, a bread basket, a knife holder, or other items, remember to move them to clean everywhere and give them a nice pass.

3. Walls and high surfaces:

The upper section of the furniture and appliances must be cleaned from time to time, despite the fact that they are not visible. Take advantage of the chance to dust, rub, and disinfect wall tiles, as well as the fronts of cupboards, shelves, and other high surfaces that collect dust. Don't forget the handles and the harder-to-reach areas, and move furniture if necessary.

4.  Cabinets and Drawers:

Kitchen Cleaning Services , keep kitchen clean signs, kitchen cleaning products, Clorox kitchen cleaner , Lysol antibacterial kitchen cleaner

This activity can be more time-consuming because cleaning requires us to remove all of the rubbish we have accumulated. We can save it for a few times a year in its most conscientious form, and limit ourselves to more general cleaning of the most often used drawers or the area most exposed to the elements on a more regular basis.


Cutlery and common equipment, as well as basic spices and condiments, are the most likely to get soiled. Vacuuming is a quick and efficient way to get rid of the usual breadcrumbs, hair, and other detritus.

5. Small appliances:

Here come the most portable devices, despite the fact that we have them more or less fixed in one location. We're talking about modest, visible household appliances like a coffee maker, blender, robot or Thermomix, food processor, bread maker, mixer, slow cooker, and microwave.


Although most are cleaned after use, the exterior is more neglected and might develop stains, dampness, or a lot of dust, particularly on the back, under the device, or in certain nooks and crannies.

6. Cooktop, Oven, and extractor fan:

It's time for the big electrical appliances to shine. Start with the range hood, which can leave stains on the stovetops if not cleaned properly. Each model has its own set of maintenance requirements, but don't forget to clean the filters and grids carefully. In most cases, the latter can be washed in the dishwasher.


The cooktop, whether gas, induction, or glass-ceramic, should be Kitchen Cleaning Services immediately after each use; however, we will go over it more thoroughly in general cleaning. The gas ones normally require a little more effort, like cleaning removing the burners, and thoroughly scrubbing between the controls handles.


If we use the oven frequently, it is recommended that we clean it completely every few weeks. If your model has a self-cleaning system, use it according to how often you use it or clean it manually by removing removable elements like trays, grids, and rails. Only use anti-grease cleansers that are safe for this equipment, and dry it thoroughly.

7. Floor and carpets:

Only the floor and possibly carpets remain after you've cleaned everything else. Take them to the wash, together with other textiles such as aprons, tablecloths, rags, napkins, and mittens, and gather all the dirt and dust that will have dropped during the cleaning process.


Kitchen Cleaning Services , keep kitchen clean signs, kitchen cleaning products, Clorox kitchen cleaner , Lysol antibacterial kitchen cleaner

Depending on the kitchen cleaning products material, you'll need to use one of several treatments to avoid damaging the tiles, wood, or tiles. The most crucial step is to remove all solid dirt and dust, then scrub completely in all nooks and crannies, move furniture if required, and disinfect thoroughly.

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